Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps to perform human like tasks from information provided and learning from experience. From human interacting robots to self-driven Cars and from smart computers playing chess to AI guided weapons all are amongst a few examples of AI. AI makes use of Natural Language Processing for various functioning. Pattern recognizing, Machine Learning, Data processing, and various other technologies are used to accomplish tasks.

Importance of AI

Repetitive Learning and various discovery through data is an AI’s automatic process. What differentiates AI is its not a robotic automation which is hardware-driven instead it is a computerized task which works continuously.

AI helps in analysis to a greater extent and deep down with the use of Neural technologies. A few years back a critical fraud detection was not possible but smart computers and the use of Big Data have made it possible. The deep learning models need a lot of data to learn. in order to train model smarter and achieve better accuracy, we need to provide more data to the model.

AI helps in adding Intelligence to the new product as well as to the existing products. Just for example Siri and Bixbi were added to Apple and Samsung respectively. Chatbots and various automated smart machines we see today at our homes or workplace are examples of Intelligent AI systems.

AI helps in achieving optimum accuracy. Various AI technics like Neural networks, Deep Learning, Machine learning, NLP has helped in achieving such accuracy which was not possible prior. Google search, Google photos, Alexa are a few examples of it. AI helps in achieving such an accuracy that it is now used to detect cancers on MRIs.

Uses of AI in this Age

Health Care

Be it the reading of MRIs or X-rays AI has made things simple. AI usage on a personal level has made life easy. Medicine reminders or be it a daily activity notification AI is making life healthier and stressfree


If you see products recommended to you on various social media you will realize how incredibly well AI works. AI helps in virtual shopping it learns users' interests and guides accordingly for various activities in favor of a user


AI has helped the banking sector in speeding up its various activities seamlessly. Banking has been benefited most in fraud detections with the help of AI. Voice recognition, Predictive analysis, Retina scanner, etc are few examples of AI technologies used in banks. AI is no doubt the future of Banking and the best technology to avoid fraudulent activities


Education has drastically changed due to the use of AI. AI provides smart content to the students which are effective and much needed in such a competitive world. May it be tracking students in school or in buses, or personalized learning AI has benefited Education to a great extent. It has been a time-saving technology for administrative tasks


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