Board of Directors

Vivek Mannige

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Vivek Mannige is the Chairman and Managing Director of AccelTree Software. AccelTree Software specializes in mobile solutions for insurance with focus on point-of-sales solutions that increase sales productivity using tablets. Vivek, having spent over 40 years in software, now spends most of his time as an “evangelist for mobile solutions in insurance” having spoken at various conferences covering insurance in Asia.

Vivek received his engineering degree from IIT Kanpur after which he worked with a Tata company for 14 years during which he built India’s first packaged software product called TurboAnalyst that was introduced in 1988. After two years of consulting in the area of enterprise resource planning systems, he co-founded Indus Software, a company that till today is a leader in retail lending solutions that are used in over 20 countries. He ran Indus Software for 12 years.

In 2002, he took the decision to step down from his position in Indus Software and move into the area of mobility software. Hence, AccelTree Software was formed. Having identified mobile phones as a powerful information tool as early as in 2005, he produced a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform that would significantly reduce the complexity of building and deploying mobile solutions for enterprises.

Over the years, he has led his companies to be recognized as innovators in the software industry. In 1997, he introduced the world’s first internet based loan processing system at an exhibition in Orlando. In 2005, his innovation in mobile frameworks was recognized by NASSCOM in India and later on in the same year he was invited to China for an international conference on rural banking and spoke of the “Use of Cell Phones in Micro Finance”. He has lectured at various forums on mobile solutions including those organized by NASSCOM, Nokia, BlackBerry and FICCI.

In 2010, he led a team that introduced one of the first tablet-based mobile solutions for life insurance sales, that covered the entire life cycle of selling insurance. Over the last 7 years, under his leadership the Technology Stack has grown to include StallionTM, a device side framework for AccelTree’s digital solutions and NUGGETTM, an instant underwriting tool for tablets that can be configured based on existing rules developed by underwriters.

Shanth Mannige

Executive Director

Shanth brings enormous experience to her role as Promoter and Executive Director at AccelTree. Overseeing AccelTree's sales, finance, and administration functions, Shanth's background and experience make her highly qualified to lead the Company's strategy in the delivery of Software products and solutions for customers. Her role and responsiblities include developing the company's sales strategies, managing the entire infrastructure for AccelTree, designing and implementing robust policies, internal controls and instituting a financial discipline for product development and deployment. Shanth has over 30 years of experience and holds a Master's degree in Science.

Shanth Mannige

Executive Director

Dr. Sanjay Mittal

Board Member and Investor

Dr. Sanjay Mittal is an accomplished AI technologist and a successful serial entrepreneur, who has sold to and managed relationships with some of the largest companies in manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and insurance. He is the founder and CEO of his latest venture – Predictika – where he and his team are developing leading edge products for building automated AI programs (a.k.a chatbots) with conversational and learning capabilities. He is also an active board member and investor in AccelTree Software for more than a decade.

His first venture was Selectica, a pioneer in internet sales and configuration solutions for large enterprises using AI constraint-reasoning technologies, where he built the company from scratch to a very successful $5B IPO in 2000. He was also the inventor of Selectica's core technology, was the founding CTO and VP of Engineering and later served as its CEO. Before Selectica, he had a distinguished career as a research scientist at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) with notable work in Artificial Intelligence and Constraint Reasoning. He has served on program committees of major AI conferences such as IJCAI and AAAI; been on editorial boards of AI related journals and published over 30 papers on AI in major conferences and journals.

Sanjay holds a PhD in Computer Science (specialization in AI) from The Ohio State University, and a B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has numerous patents in machine learning, natural language processing, configuration and mobile technologies. He is a charter member of TiE Silicon Valley, probably the leading organization for promoting entrepreneurship run by other successful entrepreneurs and has served on the board of TiE Silicon Valley.


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