AccelTree’s AcceLife is a robust, tablet, smartphone or browser-based, end-to-end point-of-sale solution, designed to ensure compliance to the sales process by the agents, help them give customers product advice relevant to their needs, remove the need for multiple meetings and get an underwriting decision from the system offline, in 70-80% of the cases. It can be configured and used in 6-8 weeks, in comparison to other bespoke solutions that take anywhere between 18-24 months. The whole module can be configured (without code change), or customized (with code change) as per client specifications.


  • RULE ENGINE (NUGGETTM) - A rule engine, available on the front-end with AcceLife which can work offline. It is secure and can also be easily integrated into any other point-of-sale system apart from AcceLife. It can also be deployed at the back-end as an automated underwriting solution. NUGGETTM can underwrite 70-80% of new customer applications offline. This rule builder (used to build underwriting rules) is designed for customer’s use and can handle five different cases namely Auto Decline, Skip Direct Acceptance, Direct Acceptance, Standard & Preference as well as Final Underwriting. Underwriting rules/cases can be customized in NUGGETTM, according to the Insurer’s specifications.

  • BI/QUOTATION ENGINE - AcceLife also comes with a lightweight parameterized engine that requires less memory and works offline. It is a configurable engine that performs insurance calculations efficiently for products ranging from simple traditional insurance product to complex linked products. For example, we have configured a complex unit-linked product with 36 riders (having dependencies, inclusions and exclusions) in just 22 days.

  • VALIDATION ENGINE - Our validation engine which is built into AcceLife is light-weight, requires less memory and works offline. It offers an easy way to define and implement policy limits as well as rider interdependencies. It is required for complex linked products.


AcceLife is an off-the-shelf configurable product available either on a tablet, smartphone or browser, which can be deployed within 8 weeks*. It is customizable and configurable according to Insurer’s needs. It has 6 built-in sales workflows which a salesperson can follow, depending on the customer profile. AcceLife can be seamlessly interfaced with CRM, LMS, etc. along with Core systems, payment gateways, SMS gateways, e-mail gateways, etc. and incorporates contemporary encryption mechanisms using AES 256. Latest updates are managed by Version Management which is a standard feature.

In AcceLife, Financial Needs Analysis and Quotation/Illustration can be generated dynamically and in a purely offline mode. The Benefit Illustration is worked out specifically for each life insurance product and the outputs generated accordingly. The information on health and lifestyle is captured using the reflexive questionnaires in the e-App module of AcceLife.

Photographs and documents can be very easily captured and uploaded in AcceLife. Except browser-based AcceLife, e-Signature and Biometric Authentication can be done on touch screen devices, at the time of signing into the application. Push Notifications are integral to the AcceLife application and the notifications can be sent to the salesperson on a tablet or smartphone even if the salesperson is not logged into the application.

An automated instant underwriting rule engine NUGGETTM is a part of the solution, which does instant underwriting offline based on the Insurer’s underwriting rules.

Our in-house developed tool ‘CleanDocs’, is used for aligning a document properly and improving its clarity. Along with this we also have a capability to read text in the images through use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for specific documents**.

* Any further customizations to AcceLife will require additional time as per the required changes.

** These documents have to be discussed and decided prior to implementation.



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