NUGGETTM is a light-weight rule engine, available on the front-end as an application with the capability to operate offline. Insurers themselves can very easily configure their own underwriting rules in the NUGGETTM. Upon underwriting, NUGGETTM is able to provide instant recommendations at the point-of-sale and can underwrite 70-80% of new customer applications offline. The rest can be sent for more scrutiny, if required. It can handle five different cases namely Auto Decline, Skip Direct Acceptance, Direct Acceptance, Standard & Preference as well as Final Underwriting.

NUGGETTM is secure and can be easily integrated into existing sales solutions point-of-sale systems and other back-end systems. It can also be deployed at the back-end as an automated underwriting solution. NUGGETTM can be customized to include fixing of doctor’s appointments online instantly and eliminating paper in the entire process of medical examination and reporting.



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