Extend the reach of your enterprise applications to people in the field, with no degradation of performance. FREDTM MEAP is a robust, highly scalable platform with the ability to handle large data volumes. It provides a flexible, open standards-based infrastructure which is highly scalable as well as device and network agnostic.

  • Can be deployed on every type of mobile device ranging from low-end to high-end Android phones.

  • Can handle high usage loads with hardly any degradation in response times.

  • Uses a high level of encryption.

  • Connects to any back-end seamlessly.

  • Applications built around FREDTM MEAP can be scaled up with respect to the number of concurrent users, by merely increasing hardware specifications or the number of servers.

  • Can handle multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Adding new applications or enhancements is easy and simple.

  • Skills required to use FREDTM MEAP are relatively low and training can be done in less than a week, resulting in lower programming costs.

  • Can be configured as a complete front-end system for taking the load off the enterprise system.




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