StallionTM MADP

Are you looking for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that is easily customizable and technology agnostic? Our hybrid platform StallionTM runs on mobile phones, tablets, laptops as well as browsers and uses a single code. A single code base simplifies subsequent maintenance and version control, especially when more mobile requirements emerge.

  • The code for front-end interaction is written in HTML5 with Java Scripts and jQuery. On the front-end device this code runs within a native wrapper.

  • Native wrappers are available for iOS and Android devices. For browser-based access the same code is run off a server using AccelTree’s StallionTM MADP Controller that provides connectivity for subsequent back-end processing.

  • Applications on StallionTM MADP can be built to run in online as well as offline modes.

  • Can be customised to meet the security User Interface (UI) performance organization. Instead of being limited by off-the-shelf hybrid platforms, StallionTM MADP can cater to the needs of a financial services company immediately.

  • In addition, if you have specific needs that plug into StallionTM MADP, AccelTree can provide customised versions to meet the same.




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